The thought of your teenager getting behind the wheel of a car is probably extremely nerve-wracking for you, and you are not alone! Most parents feel this way. It's a delicate time; teens may be ready for a little independence, but parents still want to keep them near and safe. Before you hand your teen the keys, however, you should ensure that they are ready. Our Indiana online drivers ed course will ensure that your teen has all of the knowledge they need to become safe, responsible drivers!

Why Choose Us for Online Drivers Ed?

Parents and teens alike love our Indiana drivers ed program for the ease and convenience it offers. Teens enjoy the ability to work at their own pace and the images and videos that add an interactive element to the curriculum, while parents are impressed with the quality educational experience that all students receive!

  • Indiana BMV approved program
  • Instant, unlimited access to study materials
  • No classrooms — offered 100% online
  • Curriculum developed by traffic safety experts
  • Log on and off as your schedule allows
  • Automatically saved progress — never lose your place!
  • Free Indiana learners permit practice test
  • Indiana drivers ed experts available 24/7 for support

Indiana Drivers Education Curriculum

While the bells and whistles offered by our online drivers ed course may offer plenty of reasons to enroll in our program, your teen learning how to become a defensive, safety-minded driver is what is important. Luckily, we have years of experience training young drivers just like your teen. Our Indiana drivers education curriculum, developed by traffic safety experts, is a comprehensive examination of everything your teen needs to know to hit the road safely and with confidence. We cover the following topics and more:

  • The Indiana Driver's License
  • Financial Responsibility
  • Traffic Controls
  • Indiana Traffic Laws
  • Required Vehicle Equipment
  • Required Safety Equipment
  • Defensive Driving
  • Sharing the Road
  • Driving in Hazardous Conditions
  • Driving in Emergency Situations
  • Driver Attitude & Emotions
  • Alcohol, Drugs and Driving
  • Making Your First Car Purchase
  • Driving in Traffic

When you choose our online drivers ed program, you can rest assured that your teen is in good, experienced hands!

Parents Can Help Young Drivers Too!

Parents can stay involved in the drivers education process as much as they'd like, and we recommend it. Driving can be dangerous if you aren't properly prepared, and teens can use as much preparation as they can get. In just five simple steps, you can help your teen learn to drive with safety in mind!

  1. Make sure you know and follow all Indiana traffic laws.
  2. When you drive, model the driving behavior that you expect from your teen.
  3. Discuss the dangers of the road with your teen.
  4. Have strict driving rules in place and consequences for breaking them.
  5. Draft and sign a parent-teen driving contract.

Do you want to help even more? As your teen makes their way through our Indiana drivers ed course, ask them about what they learned. Point out examples of good and bad driving decisions while on the road to use as lessons. The possibilities are endless!

The Indiana BMV offers a few tools to assist you in preparing your teen for their Indiana learners permit:

The best way to help your teen is by choosing the right Indiana online drivers ed course, and best of all, you've already found it. Sign up today to get your teen started on the right path!