Texas Drivers License – How to Get One

If you need to know how to get your first Texas driver's license, look no further than here! Following are the steps you need to take to get licensed in Texas:

  1. Complete a Parent Taught Driver's Education course approved by the Texas Department of Licensing and Registration (TDLR). If you are at least 14 years old, you can enroll in our program. All you need to do is complete all the chapters and pass the final exam.
  2. Participate in behind-the-wheel driver training program with the approved instructor from the DPS. In conjunction with the online portion, you will need to practice behind-the-wheel training in order to get a learner's license.
  3. Apply for your learner's license.
  4. Hold the learner's license and practice driving with supervision for 6 months. You must complete at least 34 hours of supervised driving, with 10 hours at night. The supervising driver must be the parent or legal guardian that is listed on the Parent Taught Driver Education Program Guide.
  5. Apply for your Texas driver's license. If you have taken a TDLR approved driver's education course, you are eligible to apply for a provisional driver's license when you are 16 years old.

To obtain your driver's license, you must then pass the vision test, the written test and the road test