Parent Information

The idea of letting your teen get behind the wheel may scare you. It's a necessary step in your teen's life, but that won't stop the parent inside of your from worrying. You want your teen to receive the best education — and that's where we deliver. Having severed and graduated over 4,000,000 students, we have cumulated our knowledge over the past years to create a safety focused course that's easy to understand and retain. Driving doesn't stop after this course, it's starts, so it's important to us that your teen retains the information, just memorizes.

What our Driver's Ed Course Covers

In compliance with state regulations, our course covers:

  • Driving Distractions
  • Roadside emergencies
  • Effects of drugs and alcohol on driving
  • Aggressive driver recognition
  • Vehicle operation and inspection
  • And more!

Our course will teach your teen to become a courteous, defensive, and knowledgeable driver.

State-Approved Driver's Education

The State of Pennsylvania requires all drivers who wish to receive a license when they're 17½ years old to take a 30-hour driver education course before a driver can obtain an unrestricted license and the course must be approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Our course is approved by Pennsylvania Department of Education the satisfies the 30-hour driver education requirement.